Key outcomes

The key outcomes we will analyze include:

  • Changes in attitude, knowledge, and understanding of unhealthy foods and beverages
  • Changes in exposure to unhealthy food marketing
  • Food purchases
    • Regulation’s impact on food and beverage purchases
    • Product reformulations
    • Differences in the impact of regulations by socio-economic status
  • Dietary intake
    • Changes in dietary intake of regulated and unregulated foods and beverages
  • Obesity & NCDs
    • Changes in health outcomes

Data sources

Sources of data include:

  • Focus groups of low-SES mothers
  • Household food purchases
    • Nutrition facts panels
    • FOP label information
  • Growth and Obesity Chilean Cohort Study (GOCCS) of 12-year-olds (n=767) and 4-year-olds (n=965)
    • Measuring media exposure, diet, knowledge, attitudes
  • Content analysis of TV and internet


Read more about our Collaborators in Chile here, and review the Background and Regulations on Food Marketing in Chile here.