The GFRP Team at UNC is providing these fact sheets that summarize evidence on key issues, including trends in dietary intake, overweight/obesity, and the deleterious effects of sugary drink and junk food intake. These fact sheets are designed to provide scholars, journalists, policymakers, advocates, and others with up-to-date information on key focused topics essential to regulatory and tax efforts. These resources are periodically updated to reflect the latest evidence and are available to help individuals and groups to access important knowledge and to help in their own advocacy, research, writing, and other activities. If you would like to use and adapt these fact sheets, please email us for a Word version.


  • Sugary Drink Taxes around the World – PDF
  • Front-of-Package Labeling around the World – PDF
  • Marketing Regulations around the World – PowerPoint
  • Sugary Drink Taxes in the United States – PDF

Fact Sheets

  • Global Support for Peruvian Regulations (English, November 2017) – PDF
  • Apoyo global a las regulaciones peruanas (Español, Noviembre 2017) – PDF
  • Why Tax Sugary Drinks (English, August 2017) – PDF
  • Countering Industry Claims on Taxing Sugary Drinks (English, August 2017) – PDF
  • Marketing Unhealthy Foods to Kids: Why Regulation is Critical to Reducing Obesity (English, December 2016) – PDF
  • Colombia
    • Por qué es necesario un impuesto a las bebidas azucaradas? (Español, Julio 2016) – PDF
    • Why Tax Sugary Drinks (English, July 2016) – PDF
    • Impuesto a las bebidas azucaradas: contraargumentos a los sectores que no están de acuerdo con la medida (Español) – PDF
    • Marketing de alimentos y bebidas no saludables dirigido a la población infanil (Español, Julio 2017) – PDF
  • South Africa
    • Preventing Obesity in South Africa (October 2016) – Fact Sheet covering Burden of Obesity, Why Tax Sugary Drinks, & Countering Industry Claims – PDF
  • Mexico
    • Destapando la Verdad (Español, Junio 2016) – PDF
    • Uncapping the Truth, the Mexican Sugary Drink Tax works (English, June 2016) – PDF