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Members of our team have worked for decades on a wide array of US research projects, including evaluations of: school feeding programs (the first national evaluations), the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC, e.g., effects on breastfeeding), and changes and trends in the nation’s dietary patterns.

UNC Mini Mart
UNC Mini Mart: a laboratory space designed to mimic a convenience store.

More recently, our focus has shifted toward developing new methods and models to evaluate public food programs (e.g., WIC, SNAP) and/or policy interventions such as front-of-package labeling, sugary drink and/or junk food taxes, and other nutrition-related policies. The team is currently developing and building both virtual and real-life mock grocery stores as research tools to test the impact of a variety of policies and regulations, as well as testing options for evaluations of new food stamp program changes using sales data from a large supermarket chain.

Read more detailed descriptions about our past US work below:

Latest Publications

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