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The problem with COVID-related vitamin C claims

April 29, 2020

Can high doses of vitamin C treat or prevent COVID-19? It’s a question posed frequently on social media and in the news, especially as a new clinical trial is underway in Wuhan, China to investigate vitamin C infusion for the … Continued

The double burden of malnutrition in The Lancet

December 17, 2019

A new approach is needed to help low- and middle-income countries reduce obesity and undernutrition at the same time as the issues become increasingly connected, according to the first paper in a four-paper report published in The Lancet. “We are … Continued

Healthier WIC food package leads to change in food-buying habits

February 20, 2018

A new study, led by Shu Wen Ng, published online in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, found that changes in the food choices and nutritional content of WIC packages has produced improvements in overall food purchase habits among program participants. The … Continued