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Front-of-Pack Labeling in Chile: Effects on Employment, Real Wages, and Firms’ Profits after Three Years of Its Implementation
Authors: Guillermo Paraje, Daniela Montes de Oca, Juan Marcos Wlasiuk, Mario Canales, Barry M. Popkin
Published in: Nutrients, January 11, 2022 view full text

Prevalence of low-calorie sweeteners and related front-of-package claims in the Brazilian packaged food supply
Authors: Mariana Fagundes Grilo, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Camila Zancheta Ricardo, Laís Amaral Mais, Ana Paula Bortoletto Martins, Ana Clara Duran
Published in: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, December 22, 2021

The impacts on food purchases and tax revenues of a tax based on Chile’s nutrient profiling model
Authors: M. Arantxa Colchero, Guillermo Paraje, Barry M. Popkin
Published in: PLOS ONE, December 2, 2021 view full text

Changes in the use of nonnutritive sweeteners in the Chilean food and beverage supply after the implementation of the Food Labeling and Advertising Law
Authors: Ricardo C. Zancheta, Camila Corvalán, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Vilma Quitral, and Marcela Reyes
Published in: Frontiers in Nutrition | Nutrition and Food Science Technology, November 8, 2021 view full text

How should we evaluate sweetened beverage tax policies? A review of worldwide experience
Authors: Shu Wen Ng, M. Arantxa Colchero, Martin White
Published in: BMC Public Health, October 26, 2021 view full text

Cash Transfer Programs are Important for Improved Nutrition in Low-and Middle-Income Countries
Authors: Barry M. Popkin
Published in: The Journal of Nutrition, October 12, 2021 view full text

The nutrition transition to a stage of high obesity and noncommunicable disease prevalence dominated by ultra-processed foods is not inevitable
Authors: Barry M. Popkin BMShu Wen Ng 
Published in: Obesity Reviews, October 10, 2021 view full text

Associations between select state policies and the nutritional quality of household packaged food purchases in the US from 2008-2017
Authors: Allison M. Lacko, David Guilkey, Barry M. Popkin, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, October 6, 2021 view full text

Linking a sugar-sweetened beverage tax with fruit and vegetable subsidies: A simulation analysis of the impact on the poor
Authors: Pourya Valizadeh, Barry M. Popkin, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 5, 2021

South African consumers' perceptions of front-of-package warning labels on unhealthy foods and drinks
Authors: Makoma Bopape, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Tamryn Frank, Nandita Murukutla, Trish Cotter, Luyanda Majija, Rina Swart
Published in: PLOS ONE, September 27, 2021 view full text

The impact of toddler milk claims on beliefs and misperceptions: A randomized experiment with parents of young children
Authors: Ana Paula C. Richter, Emily W. Duffy, Lindsey Smith Taillie, Jennifer L. Harris, Jennifer L. Pomeranz, Marissa G. Hall
Published in: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, August 13, 2021 view full text

Association of a fruit and vegetable subsidy program with food purchases by individuals with low income in the US
Authors: Seth A. Berkowitz, Neal Curran, Sam Hoeffler, Richard Henderson, Ashley Price, Shu Wen Ng
Published in: JAMA Network Open, August 11, 2021 view full text

Intake of ultraprocessed foods among US youths: Health concerns and opportunities for research and policy
Authors: Katie A. Meyer, Lindsey Smith Taillie
Published in: JAMA, August 10, 2021 view full text