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The largest country in South America, Brazil has faced rapid increases in overweight and obesity prevalence similar to its other countries in Latin America. Our UNC team has been collaborating with colleagues at the University of São Paulo since the early 1990s.

Implemented Policies

Resolution No. 38, Article 17 | Implemented 2009

Restrictions on unhealthy foods and drinks in schools

In addition to setting food and nutrition-based standards for the national school meal program, Resolution 38 (Article 17) prohibits the use of national funds to acquire low-nutritional drinks (eg, sodas) or processed foods exceeding thresholds for sodium and/or saturated fat to serve in schools. (Implemented in 2009, schools had until January 2010 to comply.)

Resolution No. 429 | Implemented 2020

Proposed warning label in BrazilFront-of-package warning labels

This Resolution requires front-of-packaging warning labels on all products that exceed set nutrient thresholds for content of sugar, salt, and/or saturated fat.

Read the Resolution in English and Portuguese.

Research Partners

Center for Epidemiological Research in Nutrition and Health, University of São Paulo (NUPENS, USP)
Núcleo de Pesquisas Epidemiológicas em Nutrição e Saúde, Universidade de São Paulo (NUPENS, USP)

NUPENS USP Brazil logoResearch Team

Carlos Monteiro, Professor
São Paulo University
Department of Nutrition
School of Public Health

Ana Clara Duran, Research Scientist
University of Campinas, UNICAMP
Research Fellow
Center for Epidemiological Studies in Nutrition and Health, NUPENS
University of São Paulo



No evaluations to date. We provide research support for advocacy efforts related to healthy eating and obesity prevention. Together with our partners, we plan to evaluate any forthcoming policies as they are passed/implemented.



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